About Kim


Have you ever wondered just how does a computer work, or what’s inside a computer, why does it make those noises, maybe you have thought about building your own computer, or just maybe you would like to know more things that you can do with your computer?

Well, I did after graduating from high school, technology was just gearing up and I heard the word Computer (wow was I excited), I had already taken electronics classes in high school and now I was ready to find out all about Computers. So I enrolled into any learn at home courses that had anything to do with Computers that I could find. And in the process came across the H8 (one of the first PC’s in kit form) now this was just the thing for me.

This is The Heathkit H8 & H9

                                                                         This is The Heathkit H8 & H9

So now a few many years later I’m still excited about computers, and I found myself thinking how could I share my experience with computers to others, so here I am putting together this website in hopes of helping others out there that have the same interest as I do, like wanting to build their own computer, and learning more ways to use the thing, and learning about all the new gadgets that are being developed on a regular basis.

So who am I and where do I live, what are some of my favorite things in life besides computers? Well, my name is Melvin Kim Shurtliff, I go by Kim (Melvin just never did fit me) I was born in 1953 (which makes me pretty young) 🙂 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and have lived here my whole life. I have done some traveling, been to Florida, Hawaii more than once, ArizonAbout Kima in the summer (talk about Hot), Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and even up to Washington and Oregon.

I and my brother and sisters grew up camping in the beautiful Utah mountains that surround Salt Lake City, doing some fishing and hiking, and yes I still go camping with my extended family and always looking forward to family barbecues. 🙂

Utah Mountains

Utah Mountains

Well enough said about me, I hope you enjoy my Website Everyday Home Computing and if you ever have any question about things dealing with computers please take a moment and ask them on any of my pages, I will do my best to give you the best answers possible.

If you would like to contact me more personally you can reach me at kim@everydayhomecomputing.com

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to seeing you around the corner, or pages that is.