Can I Still Get Windows 10 For Free: It’s not late to do so.

So have you finally decided you would like to upgrade to Windows 10, or are you not quite sure if that’s what you want to do?Can I still get windows 10 for free

If you’re still a little hesitant on the upgrade check out my post on Why I think you will like Windows 10. Now to find out whether you can still get it for free, continue reading!


The short answer to your question, can you still get windows 10 for free is YES as long as you have a licensed version of Windows 8, 8.1, or 7. But before I get into how you go about it let’s take a quick look at some history of Windows operating systems.

A little History:

About three decades ago, Microsoft Windows was nothing near to what we see today. Those days, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint would be used for almost everything related to an Operating system, and people had to rely on Internet Explorer to view the internet which was incredibly slow.

Fortunately, great minds happened and technology followed suit leading to better versions of windows like seven and eight.

The company has come quite a long way and has continued to get better, but we are not here to talk about that. Instead, we are here to talk about the new windows release.

Most of you already know that Microsoft recently (July 29th, 2016) or maybe not so recently, released the Windows 10 Operating System which has more features to make your life easier. For instance, the start menu is back, and now Windows 10 users can enjoyCortana which is a personal voice assistant.

Last year, Windows announced that it would continue offering free Windows 10 upgrades to its users who were yet to upgrade from windows 7 and 8. The company made that move in a bid to reach its goal of getting the company’s software into more than a billion devices.

Many users rushed to get the free upgrade since the deadline was on 31st December 2017.

Unfortunately, not all of us managed to make the transition before the deadline and hence ended up being locked out. If you are among those locked out, then your lucky star is brightly shining because Microsoft announced that it would be extending the offer by offering a loophole to allow assistive (disability) technology users to make the upgrade.

A few days later, it was proved that even the non-assistive tech window users could get a free upgrade using the loophole.So onward to learning how to do this in Three Easy Steps.

How to get Windows 10 for free?

Step One:

To get the process started, go to the Download Windows 10 web page on Microsoft web page. From there Click on the download tool now button located under the Create Windows 10 installation media. This is the media creation tool that you will use to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10.and wait till it completes.

Can I still get windows 10 for free


Step Two:


Once the tool has finished downloading on your PC, or laptop, click run the Media Creation Tool. You will get two options, upgrade this PC now and create installation media for another PC. If you only want to upgrade your PC and not any other, then click on the first option and walla! Now just follow the prompts to complete the upgrade.

Can I still get windows 10 for free

There you go you now have the Windows 10 everybody is talking about on your device. But if you are planning to run it on another PC later on then the second option is what you should go for. This is the best way to go because you can store the installation files for future use.

The process for the second option is also not complicated. All you need to do is follow the prompts to complete the process. Don’t worry no product key is required but ensure that you have a stable internet connection so you can access the digital version of Windows 10 license.

Now you want to confirm your license by activating your current license. It’s simple just proceed to Step 3.

Step Three:

To activate your Windows ten go to the settings panel, click on Update – Security and then Activation and you will be up and running. The license is from your previous version of Windows that you were running and now is activated for the machine which you have installed the upgrade on.Can I still get windows 10 for free

So it will be specifically for your device hence, you can always format your this device and perform a new installation using the files you saved either on your USB flash drive or any other place which you saved it on.

As mentioned earlier, this is an automatic activation hence even after you format and re-install it again you still will not need any new product key.

Well, now that you have it and even the files for future installation saved on your device, how long will it last and is the license genuine? That is the question many have been seeking answers for, and again if you are among them, we got you covered. The license will be valid because the Microsoft has previously announced about its availability through the upgrade. So no worries on that your good to go!

How Long Do I Have to Get the Upgrade?


Now on to the next pressing question how long will the free upgrade last? According to Microsoft, the offer which began early this year was supposed to end on 16th January 2018 officially. But as of now, you can still get it.

So the chances are that users are already receiving the regular prompts from Windows to activate the product whenever they open any of the features. And additionally allowing them to make any changes to the settings and personalization menu.

However, that is as much as the company can do since just like with the previous versions you can always ignore, and you will be good to go. Alternatively, you can use your previous windows 7 or 8 activation key to activate Windows 10 because as mentioned earlier Microsoft wants to hit its one billion users target by the end of 2018 hence they are not that keen on closing such loopholes as it did previously.

So are you ready to upgrade? Click here to get started.

Have any Question or Comments about Upgrading to Windows 10?

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Hear from you soon!


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  1. andrejs

    Thanks Kim for the helpful Windows 10 Upgrading review. I have a little off topic question. It is about downgrading from Windows 10 to previous XP or Vista. My kids made a present for their mother Acer laptop. The good looking red device just soooo slow as 2Gb RAM with no options to add. The direct question is it worth to downgrade or any other options? Thanks in advance.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hello Andrejs

      Well with only 2GB of ram no matter what operating system you have, it is going to be extremely slow. Especially if you’re used to a much faster system. If the laptop originally had XP or Vista installed then yes you will be able to restore it to that system. But if not and you don’t have a copy of XP or Vista, then you’re out of luck.Also keep in mind that not hardware will work with XP or Vista unless the laptop was built with one of them, and there is no support for those anymore.

      If you have a copy then it’s just a matter of inserting the disk and follow instructions. If it previously had eighter one, then all you have to do is go to Settings, Update & Recovery, Recovery, and then Get Started under Reset this PC.

      If it had Windows 7 installed on it, I would then go back to that one, it will run better than XP and just as fast.

      I hope this has helped you out, and Thank you for stopping by! Let me know if you have any further questions!


  2. Wilson

    Hi Kim,
    Great write up on how to upgrade to windows 10.
    I currently run Windows 10 pro on my system. It’s a 2012 HP probook that is refurbished.
    Got a great deal for it too, as it came with windows 10 pro and Microsoft office 2007. Although, I just found out that this system came out of the box with Windows 7.
    Is there potentially any problem with a computer that came with Windows 7 to be running 10?
    Thanks for the info!


    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hey there Wilson,

      Nope there is no potential problems with any conflicts with the two system, when the Windows 10 Pro was installed it more than likely did a clean install where it does not use any of the exiting Windows 7 platform. Eliminating any conflicts between the two. 

      One advantage is if you wish to go back to Windows 7 you will be able to do so by going to settings>backup & restore>reset this PC> and then choose the version you want.

      Now if you are short on storage space you can remove the copy of Windows 7 by opening File Explore>right-click on Disk C>Click Disk Cleanup>Clean up System files. From there select Windows 7 and verify that you wish to uninstall.

      Hope this has helped, and should you any further question, don’t hesitate to ask.

      Thanks for stopping by!



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