Dashlane Password Manager Reviews: The Best Manager Around!

Dashlane Password Manager was created to help the two billion people that use the web and have to enter passwords.  How to keep your computer running like newMost often when we connect to the web we are being asked for our password or other information to enter. And when we visit new sites, we are asked to set up an account and create another password.

Well, this has become a pain in the butt, to come up with a different one from the last one we used, and we find ourselves using the same password over and over. Even though we know better, that this is a no, no, and sometimes we find ourselves shying away from any new site that requires a password.

So Dashlane was “created to solve these problems with one neat solution that is simple, secure, and universal” So they “created Dashlane because they are on a mission to fix the internet.”

Here are a few of their features:

You will find that keeping track of passwords and making them strong will be “startlingly simple” with their Free password manager that will save any passwords while you browse, and make new strong and better password right within your browser. You will also be alerted when any of your websites get breached. So what do you say we go over their features, I’m sure you will be impressed with these as I am.

Automatic Login:

With the free version you will get automatic login for all of your accounts, even for those that require complex logins,  a two or three step fields, like your bank accounts do, and other sensitive sites. Dashlane Password Manager reviewsNo keystrokes or clicks required once you have entered the site, and if there are other members that visit the same site with a different login,

Dashlane will give you a pop-up that you can choose which login you would like to use. If you don’t want it to login in automatically you can turn this off for any site that you wish to.

Automatic Password Changer:

Dashlane will change your passwords for you on all of your favorite sites with just one click of the mouse. This will help when it’s time to change your passwords, something that should be done at least twice a year for your protection.

You won’t have to visit every site and do it yourself; Dashlane will take care of it for you. You can check out a list of all the sites that are supported by this feature, by clicking here.

How strong is their Encryption and how safe?

They use Amazon AWS (Amazon web service) to host Dashlane, which is known to be the most respected and secure server in the industry. Encrypted with AES-256, and 10,000 plus Iterations of PBKDF2; which is known to be the strongest in the industry! And with Amazons 24-7-365 days a year monitoring service, well you can’t get any better than that.

Dashlane also continually audits all of the software they use by hiring some of the best hackers (friendly ones of course) to try to break into the system, once they do they fix it.Dashlane Password Manager reviews

If by some unlikely case their systems are hacked by unfriendly, you can feel secure knowing that your data is safe because your Master password is not even stored on their system. This way the hackers have no way of getting to your data.

They don’t even offer password hints for you to retrieve your master password because it is not stored anywhere except in your head making your data even more secure. So don’t forget your Master password, if you do, the only way for you to recover is to start all over.

The Security Dashboard:

With the security dashboard, you are able to identify any weak or reused passwords store in your vault and which ones are old and need to be changed (you should change your passwords every 6 months).

You will also get security alerts sent straight to your devices letting you know if any of your accounts have been compromised so you can get ahead of the hackers and change your passwords. It will also give you some actionable tips to help secure your data.Dashlane password manager reviews

Strong Password Generator:

Here you are able to let Dashlane generate a strong password for you and have it saved to your vault with just a couple of clicks from your mouse, all without having to leave the page your visiting.

So anytime you are asked to enter a new password, the generator will pop up and offer to generate the password for you, and then automatically store it in your vault. This way you will always have a strong password.

Secure Notes of your sensitive data:

Have any sensitive data that you would like stored somewhere safe. Something like software license numbers, or maybe your Wi-Fi passwords, or what about those surprise plans that you don’t want to get into the wrong hands (if you know what I mean).

And let’s not forget those legal documents. Well, here you can keep them safe and secure, accessible only to you by using your master password.

Digital Wallet:

Here you can save your credit card information, bank info, PayPal, etc, to use to when making purchases on the internet, knowing that any and all inform

Dashlane password manager reviews

ation is stored with their most advanced encryption methods. You will also be able to save receipts and screenshots of your purchase into your digital wallet for later viewing of your shopping.

Your Digital wallet is also a great place to store your social security number, passport, driver license and a few others, this way when it comes to filling out those forms, it will be just a click away. And get this; it will also notify you when your cards are going to expire. (How cool is that)

Password Sharing made Safe:

This feature allows you to share any of your passwords to sites to anyone that you would like to like for instance you share the bill paying with your spouse (or whomever), and you want to share some of the sites with them.

This is handled inside Dashlane where the encrypted password is sent and retrieved by the other persons Dashlane account. If they aren’t using Dashlane, no problem, all they need to do is download the app and therein.

Dashlane will then send them an email letting them know that you are sharing this site with them and for them to look in their Sharing Center of Dashlane, where the site will be located with the password. No more sharing a password across emails that are not secure.

This way no password is sent through the email, it will only be synced to their account. Now you can choose between two options of permission settings, Limited rights or Full rights. With limited rights, they are not allowed to view, edit, or share this password, but with full rights, they will be allowed to. And once they have used it, you can always change it to a new one.

The Most Accurate Autofill on the Web that works!

No form is too complicated for Dashlane to fill out, like most it will fill in email addresses, street addresses, mobile and home phone numbers, payment types along with expiration dates, your ID’s. You name it, Dashlane can fill it.

You can mix and match your info if you have more than one address or email, and other such data that you use for your accounts, all without having to have multiple profiles for them. And let’s not forget it works on all of your devices. They state that it will work every time, not just some of the time or most of the time, all the time.

Recover and Sync your Passwords on any of your Device:

To use this feature you will have to pay for the premium version but it is well worth it. Here you can have your passwords synced across any of your device that you have the Dashlane app installed on. This way it won’t matter what device you’re using, you will be able to access any of your accounts. And there is no limit to how many devices you use.

With the premium version, you will have your passwords encrypted and backed up to your account on the cloud. This way, should you lose your device or purchase a new one you will have a copy to restore from.

All you have to do is download Dashlane once again, sign into your account, click on a couple of things, and bam, your back in business.

You will also be able to access your passwords from their website using any browser; you don’t even have to be using one of your devices to do this. From any computer, you just log into your account on their website, and with your Master Password, you will have access to your passwords.

Dashlane password manager reviews

Surprisingly Simple to Setup:

I was quite surprised at how easy it was to set up. Once I had it downloaded and had entered my master password (which it will let you know how strong it is, and will not store it for you) it took over from there and began to go through Google Chrome to import all of my passwords to accounts that I had set up. You can do this with Firefox and Internet Explorer also.

I was surprised at how many websites I had accounts for with passwords that Google had saved for me (which were usually the same password, my bad).  Dashlane will also go through Firefox and a few other browsers for you with just a click of a button.

This, of course, took only a few seconds, and once done Dashlane presented me the list, and from there I proceeded to go to each site and change my passwords with stronger ones that Dashlane generated for me using their password generator utility. (A great utility to take advantage of)

Something to keep in mind is that Dashlane does not keep your master password stored anywhere so if you need to, write it down somewhere safe because if you forget it there is no way to retrieve it. And without it, you won’t be able to access any of your passwords.  Dashlane has set this up so all your info is as secure as possible.

Here are the Pros:

  • Easier than ever to use:
  • Automatic password changer for 500 websites and growing:Dashlane password manager reviews
  • Two-factor authentication:
  • Has advanced form-filling all the time:
  • Can be used on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android:
  • Strong Password generator:
  • Supports up to seven languages:


What I don’t like about Dashlane; The Cons:

The price for premium is higher than others. Yea, forty bucks seem a little high, but if you take into consideration all that it does for you and how easy it is to use I have found that it is worth it in the long run.

So, do I recommend Dashlane Password Manager?

Yes, I have been using the premium version of Dashlane for a year now, and I plan to continue using it. I would be lost without it, what can I say, it has been great!

Here is what you will get with your free version:

  • Encrypted account backup: Free account your passwords are encrypted locally. Premium passwords are encrypted online.
  • Sync across all your devices: Free version no syncing done.
  • Unlimited sharing: Free version up to five items.
  • Web access to your stored passwords from any computer: Free version no access.

So what do you say, why not give it a try, sign up for the Free version today by clicking here,

Forget forgetting passwords! Get Dashlane, free.

Have any Questions or suggestions for Password Managers?

So if you have anything to add to this I would love to hear from you by leaving your comments below in the comment section. I would love to hear from!!

And if you know someone else that would benefit from using a password manager, why not share this with them.

If you would like to see a comparison of some other password managers click here to see my review on the Top Five Password Managers.

All photos provided by Dashlane.com. 


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  1. Farhan

    This is the first time I have ever heard of Dashlane. I used to think as well, with all the websites that we use online, how do we remember all the passwords? I almost wanted to write them all down on a piece of paper.

    What a great way to manage all your site accounts under one program. Yeah, the monthly premium price is quite high, especially if we don’t have too many passwords to be kept safe. Nonetheless, great review!

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hi Farhan, You could write them all down on a piece of paper if you would like to, you just want to keep that paper away from prying eyes. But here’s the catch, you would still have to enter them by hand using the keyboard. What a hassle that is, with Dashlane it does it for you and keeps the list out of prying eyes. And don’t forget they have the free version that will do all that and more. So why not give it a try :). You don’t have to use the premium version if you only have few, or even if you have a hundred.

      Hope this has helped, thank you for stopping by.


  2. Matt's Mom

    Oh I do like this. Right now I keep all my passwords written down in a notebook….in pencil so that I can change them periodically. Only concern I have with this dashlane is how do we know they are not using our information. Call me paranoid, I just feel safer with my little notebook tucked in my desk.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hey there Matt’s Mom, Well I can’t say honestly that they don’t use your information, but everything is encrypted and they have no storage of your main password. Dashlane rated the highest from PCmag.com which is a well established PC magazine that has been around over a decade. I trust them totally with their opinions and views.

      But hey, if your more comfortable with writing them down, that’s great also, just remember to keep your list out of prying eyes. Also keep in mind of making strong passwords, you can check out my post on The importance of strong passwords, where you will find some ideas about making a strong password.

  3. stefan

    Gosh! This is really useful! I never imagined there was a software able to manage the passwords and keep everything organised.

    I don’t know if this is the right thing to do but I have my usernames saved in an excel file. The passwords I right the first and last letter so I remember what is in the middle. I have som many important accounts that I am really afraid to lose track. I will give this program a try! Thank you so much!

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hey Stefan, the problem with keeping your username and passwords in a excel file, is that if your computer is hacked then they will be able to access your files. So unless those files are encrypted they are not all that safe.

      You can visit my post on What is the importance of passwords where I show you how to come up with a strong password that is easy to remember. And with using a password manager all you will have to do is remember just one master password. If you need to you can write the username and password down on a piece of paper for later reference, just keep it out of prying eyes.

      I’m sure you will be pleased with just how easy Dashlane is to use, especially if you have a lot of accounts that require passwords, I myself right now have 68 accounts, so you can imagine just how difficult that would be to manage without a password manager.


  4. Cambell

    This was a really interesting read, we, all my family, got hacked about 2 months ago. They came through our IP and got into all the accounts, even my 12 year old son lost his gmail account. We got our money back from the banks with minimal fuss but there are still ebay, paypal and email accounts that we can’t get into…it’s a real hassle. So I definitely need something like Dashlane Password Manager. Does it also work with modem passwords? Thanks Cambell

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Sorry to hear that has happened to you Cambell, nothing worse than someone breaking into your private life and stealing from you.

      With using Dashlane you will be able to use strong passwords that are next to impossible to crack, and you won’t have to worry about trying to remember them, or have to enter them in by hand, it will be all automatic for you.

      As far as your modem password, you can have Dashlane generate a strong password for you, and then you will copy and paste it into Dashlane under your personal info. So when you need to enter your password for your modem you just copy it from dashlane and paste it in.

      I hope this has helped you in finding a better way to stay safe


  5. John

    I have a hand written spreadsheet with passwords for my many accounts. I keep it filed away to use when my brain goes on vacation.
    The Dashlane password manager looks like a great alternative. I would not have to look for my papers. What is the difference in the free version vs the paid version.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hey there John, well at least you are using a different password for all of your accounts, unlike so many that insist on using the same one over and over. With a password manager like Dashlane, it will do all of the legwork for you, keeping track of your passwords and enter your credentials when you log in to an account, saving you from finding your list of passwords and typing them in manually.
      With the paid version your passwords will be saved (with the highest encryption) on their servers, so you can use your passwords on any device anywhere. And should you have to reset your PC you won’t lose them, and you can use them on your phone.
      Great seeing you again,

  6. Tara

    Kim, great post again! I shared this right away so hopefully my friends and family see the post and can learn how important it is to use strong passwords and keep them safe. That is great that you can update your passwords directly in the dashlane program. This is the first time I’ve heard of dashlane, but I have heard of other password managers. I was very leery at first, but since implementing a business password manager at work, I see the value.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      HI Tara, it’s great to see you again,
      The best part of Dashlane and other password manager is that they all have the free version. Which is great for people that don’t need to sync their passwords to any other devices.
      They are really the only way to keep everything secure when dealing with passwords.

  7. Xavier Perez Sr.

    Kim, this really hits home. Thank you for a great article and reminds me of a time when trying to remember a password and fumbling through the steps to start over was a issue. It has gotten easier thank goodness and now, just this morning on the news there was an article on Twitter accounts setting or resetting passwords has hit the news. I suppose this all started with Snowden and his betrayal of our country’s secrets has led to this horrific changes that we are experiencing, unfortunate for all to say the least. But this does look like a program that will help keep these matters protected, thank you.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Great seeing you Xavier,
      This is one of the benefits of using a password manager is that they will notify you immediately of any sites that need attention due to security risk, way before you see it in the news, in an email, or on social media.
      One thing we can learn from Snowden is that we can’t trust anyone with our data or privacy and to take more of an effort in protecting our privacy and data. And using a password manager is a great way to always have a strong password for every site we visit.


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