Driver Booster Review: iObit Driver Booster Pro 5

Drive Booster 5 Pro: Review.

Name: Drive Booster 5 ProDriver booster review


Price: Driver Booster 5 PRO (1 Year Subscription, 3 PCs – 15-day trial)  $22.95

Overall Rank: 4 of 5 Stars


Do you need to update some drivers on your PC or Laptop, it can be quite a hassle to manually download and install them one by one. You’re stuck with finding the manufacturer for each one then finding the right driver, downloading the driver, and then installing the driver.

Och that’s a lot of steps to go through and that’s where Drive Booster 5 Pro comes into play. With a couple of clicks of your mouse, your system can be scanned for outdated drivers and then download the proper ones and install them.

After that, you can sit back and let the program monitor your system and make any necessary updates to your drivers while your system is idle so as not to disrupt your daily activities.

So let’s take a look at what we have here.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  1. Automatic updates you’re drivers when your PC is idle.
  2. Backup drivers automatically for safe restore.
  3. Priority to update Game Components for Better Gaming
  4. Two skin covers, the default Black or White

The Bad:

  1. Has a separate Tab just for advertising other products. Nothing like being pushy. ☹

Driver booster review

What You Get:

200% larger database to update 1,000,000+ drivers;
Game components updating for smoother experience;
200% faster drivers scan & download speed;
Automatically backup drivers for secure restore;
Fix your device errors for safer PC;

Are you someone that can benefit with using Drive Booster 5 Pro?

If you are experiencing occasional drops of your ethernet connection, that does not include your carrier going down. Or maybe your printer isn’t performing as well as it used too, maybe your video display is acting up or even your sound output has problems. Any of these and other problems with glitches in your overall system performance could be that one or more drivers need to be updated.

This is usually one of the first places to look at when having problems is outdated drivers that are not performing right do to a major update to your Windows Operating System (like upgrading to Windows 10).

Now if you only are experiencing only one or two problems, you might just want to correct the problem yourself by going to your Device Manager and disable the problem drive then reboot your system and allow Windows to find and install the new one.

But what if you’re a gamer or someone that relies on video performance, well then you would most likely want to keep your video drivers updated due to the fact that manufacturers are looking for ways to improve their video drivers to keep up with newer games and other software.

The golden rule when it comes to updating drivers is that if nothing is broke, don’t fix it!


Let’s Take a look under the Hood:

 Running the Scan:

When you launch Drive Booster it will scan your system for outdated drivers when done it will display a list of the outdated drives along with the date of the newly available driver. From here you can select all or individual ones to be updated.

Driver booster review

Click on the Update button and it will start to make a  backup of your drivers before installing the new drivers. This is set by default and you don’t get to choose otherwise like you can with “Ashampoo or SlimWare”.Which I think is a good thing, it is always best to have everything backed up before making any changes. It will then move on to downloading the drivers and installing them, while you sit back and do whatever you want.

When done you can see all of your up-to-date drivers under the tab “UpToDate” and as I mentioned above under the “Bad” list you have the “Action Center” Tab where it gives you a list of other products they sell, now if you are interested in any of them, they do offer you a discount price.

The one I would avoid purchasing is their IObit Malware Fighter Pro (which I will be doing a review on) from my research on it, well, to say the least, it does not really accomplish what it is supposed to do, even for the low price of six bucks.

Left-Hand Column Menu:

You will notice on the left-hand side of the main page you have three separate menu items to choose from. The first one being “Scan” the second one is the “Rescue Center” where you can see all of your drivers that have been backed up. Under the “Driver Restore” tab is where you can select a driver to restore back to its original settings.

The next tab “System Restore” is where you can restore your computer to the state it was before the selected restore date.

The last menu is your “Tools” folder with six different tools to choose from, they are,

  • Fix no Sound: If you have no sound this will help in locating the problem.Driver booster review
  • Fix Network: If you are having problems with your network use this tool to help locate the problem.
  • Fix Device Error: Fixes errors of your devices.
  • Fix Bad Resolution: Run this to help with bad screen resolution.
  • Clean Unplugged Device Data: I like this one and when I ran it, the tool found 45 unplugged devices that still had data stored. Clean them right up!
  • System Information: This is another great one! It will give you a complete report of everything in your system, your operating system, processor & motherboard, and so on. You can even export an HTML file to your Documents folder.Driver booster review

Options Menu:

Click on the menu (the three horizontal lines) Located at the top left of the window and this will open a section of with eight items to choose from.

  • Settings:  On this tab is where you get to set things up like “General settings”, “How and when it scans”, “How the program goes about scanning your drivers” “Entering drivers you wish to ignore”, Change settings for how you use your network”
  • Driver Update History: This shows the history of your updates.
  • Check for Updates: If you want to manually check for any updates.
  • User Manual: Opens a browser window where you can view the manual.
  • Technical Support: Takes you to their support page.
  • Help Us Translate: This is kinda neat, you can sign up to help translate the product and get a free license in return!
  • What’s New: See whats new in the current version.
  • About:

Customer Care Includes:

  • 24/7 tech support.
  • IObit Forums
  • Renew your licenseDriver booster review
  • FAQs
  • Refund Policy

So as you can see, there is a lot that the Driver Booster has to offer, you get a chance to structure the way it works, see a number of reports, run a scan anytime you need something updated or let it run in the background where it will keep everything running in top shape.

And it’s nice to know you can change the background color to something more likable to your preference. I like to use the light background.

What I think about the Driver Booster 5 Pro:

I have been running this program for a number of years without any problems with crashes or anything else. Do I recommend this? Yes, if your in need of updating and keeping your drivers updated, especially if you’re a gamer, this should help keep those games running smoothly.

With Windows always making major updates to the operating system like the upcoming spring update, it is nice to know that you can update any driver that needs updating to be compatible with the new releases.

And it still holds Top Choice for!

Drive Booster 5 Pro: It’s more than just an updater!

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Price: $22.95  Driver Booster 5 PRO (1 Year Subscription, 3 PCs – 15-day trial)



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  1. John

    This looks like an add on that those that have a lot of programs and external devices. I have only one printer and just have a shall amount of programs running on my computer.
    I saw a video the other day of a person running four monitors, this is the type of person who would do well with this program, the next time I talk to him I will let him know.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hello again John, great seeing you,
      This would for sure help him out with keeping all of his monitors up to date for best performance. I’m running two at this time and I’m considering adding another. I’m not sure how I got along with only one monitor and now I want another one, go figure. LOL

  2. Michelle

    Hello there, Kim.
    Very interesting article. I am one who would b interested in such a software. I love the idea that updates would be automatic while the comp0uter is idle, and the backup part of things – I love – one less thing to worry about. It is nice to know that you have used the product and can vouch for its reputation.
    Thanks so much, Kim.
    All the best

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hey there Michelle, I find that I can give a more honest review of products that I have used long enough to know whether their worth anyone else’s time in using.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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