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Everyday home computingEveryday Home computing is a place to come to for some home computing tips and solutions on what you can do with your computer on an everyday basis, things that will make your life easier and less complicated. I plane to share with you everything from building your own computer, to learning how to use your computer to work at home, or even run your own online business.

Now days you will most likely find a computer or two in every  home, allowing them to chat on social media, send emails, keep up with the stock-market, and managing their bills online, just to name but a few things that you can to do with your computer. It is almost endless what can be done with a computer these days with the use of the  internet.

What  Computers have done for us:

The creation of the computer has lead to a lot of modern gadgets that we use in our everyday lives, like the Cell phones (a mini computer in the palm of your hand),Smart Phone iPod’s, smart watches, fitness bracelets, smart TV’s and even smarter cars that use integrated computers to help you find your way on the road so you don’t get lost.

With the use of computers we are able to shop at home and have items delivered to our front doors, keep track of our bank accounts, look for new jobs, find an apartment or home, they also allow us to learn more by surfing the web, and they also provide us with entertainment like watching movies or playing some awesome games in real life with friends. And lets not forget they allow us to work at home, or even have our own Online business to make extra cash.

Computers have led to space travel:

We now can travel to other planets and view the solar system thanks to computers, they have made advance in the medical industries, saving more lives.Everyday home computing No doubt the computer has been one of the best innovations made by men in serving the best possible ways for mankind to grow and explore the universe that surrounds us.

Gaining some knowledge:

So gain some knowledge about your computer by allowing me to help you get the most out of your computer, to learn how to build one (if that’s something you’re interested in learning), or even help you to upgrade your current one to handle the new technology that seems to change on yearly bases if not monthly.

I will also be showing you ways to get the most out of your computer by showing some of the tools built into Windows operating systems, short cuts used by the keyboard, how to manage your files, making photo books of your digital pictures taken by your cell phone or camera, free software to help in keeping your computer safe from hackers while surfing the web,software other free software to help get the most out your computer and even ways to use your computer to make extra cash by building an online business by doing Affiliate Marketing  which will  involve building your own Website like this one for free. There are just endless things to do with your computer, so what do you say we learn them together.

I would like to take a moment and say thanks for stopping by, and if you have any ideas about your everyday home computing let me know below and I will get right on it. Also if you like this site please share with others that you know that might benefit by visiting here.


  1. t

    Very informative website. I’ve never built a computer from scratch before, however, I’m thinking about doing so now that I’ve visited your website, Kim. I have a laptop that was infected to the BIOS level by a family member so I’m sussing out how to handle that little gem. Maybe I should sort out building one from scratch. Thanks again for great information here on home computing, Kim! ~ t

    1. Kim

      Hi ~t, sorry to hear about your laptop, if they flashed your Bios chip and that’s whats causing your problem then you could replace that chip with one that has the proper settings. That would enable you to start from the beginning loading your Operating system, alone with your software A timely task indeed. Or like you said, build your own. Thanks for stopping by


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