How to Delete Your Facebook Data:

So, first, we found out that Cambridge Analytica was able toHow to delete your facebook data copy our Facebook data and then share it with others. We then found out how we could protect ourselves by limiting the areas that Facebook left open to others.

My last post shared with you on how you can download the Data from Facebook to see what it is that they keep about us. And to most of us, it was quite a surprise.

So now what should we do, well I think it’s time to look at how we can delete some of the more sensitive data that we don’t care for Facebook to keep anymore.

And if you feel the same, continue reading, but let’s keep in mind though, any of the data that was gathered in the past by other apps such as Cambridge Analytica, well it’s not going to disappear.

Now depending on how active you have been on Facebook along with what items you want to delete, this could take a few hours up to a few days. The reason is there is no quick way of doing this like clicking on a button and everything is erased. It is going to be a step by step process, but it will be rewarding knowing that certain things about yourself won’t be around any longer for others to use.

Oh, and get this, it can take up to 90 days for Facebook to completely delete the data from their servers. But we can only be mad at ourselves for this because we agreed to their terms when we set up our accounts and shared our soles to the world. ☹

First Thing First:

The first thing we are going to do is to change some settings to stop other apps or website from accessing your data, that is if you not done so yet. These are the ones you have used your Facebook account to log in with. You can choose to stop all of them or if you prefer you can select which ones you still want to use. Keep in mind that It really is best to sign into Apps and Web sites with your own login name and Password.

To get started log into your Facebook account and head over to the top of your page and click on the “down arrow” next to the “question mark”, then select “Settings” > “Apps” (located in the left-hand column) > “Apps, Websites and Plugins” > “Turn off”.


Now any platforms that you have used your Facebook account to log into will be disabled and you will have to relog into them with a new user account and password. So before doing this, I recommend that you log into them the old way (with Facebook) and then change your login settings.

Also when you do this you will not be able to play any games or be able to interact with or share content from other websites and apps using the share and like buttons. As you can see this is an extreme way to keep private, but hey if this suits you go for it. So instead of going to the extreme,  just delete them one by one and keep the setting turned on.

How to stop Facebook from sharing data

Finding Your Files to Delete:


Now let’s dig in and check out how to delete some of the more sensitive data that we would prefer not going public.

This is where it is going to get time-consuming because there is not a select all and delete button. But we are in luck, though this has to be done using your Google Chrome browser (believe it or not some people use different browsers ? ). Why, well because we are going to use a “Chrome Extension” called “Social Book Post Manager”, which is going to make our deletions a lot faster.

How to delete your facebook data

So the first thing we want to do is to download and install the extension “Social Book Post Manager”. Once done you will now have an “Icon” in the upper right-hand side of your Chrome browser. Next step will be to venture into our Activity log on Facebook by clicking on the down arrow (like we did above) then  > select “Activity Log”.

In the next screen you will see on the left side under “Filters” a list of categories of your data, and on the “right-hand side,” you will notice a list of all the years you have been active on Facebook and we will be using both of these in our next steps.

To get started click on the “Filter” you want to work on (such as Post), then select the year, (if you want to delete every year, then make sure you have selected the current year). You want to make sure you do this so when the extension runs it will delete the right files.

Now click on the “Social Book Manager Icon” at the top right of your browser, a window will show up where you can select the “Year or All years, Month or all months, and Text”. You can then select the speed of operation, it’s default is set at 4X and can be set as low as .025X and as high as 16X. Now from what I have read from other users, they experienced crashes or unfinished deletions when using a higher speed, so the lower the speed the better the process works.

How to delete your facebook data

Once you have made your selection click on the “Delete button” at the bottom and the program will compile the information, once done it will ask you to confirm the deletions before continuing, this way you have a chance to back out if you change your mind at the last minute.

How to delete your facebook data

Now depending on how much activity you have and how much of it you want to be deleted will determine how long it is going to take. I have heard it can take up to several hours just to perform cleaning your whole history of Post.

When that one is done Continue to the next category you want to delete and follow the same steps as above for each one. And as you can see this could take you a couple of days to complete, just for the fact that you have to wait for each category to complete.

As you can see here you have the ability to delete certain posts, photos, videos, comments, and so forth, or the whole lot. You can also take a tour through each one of your activities and just delete certain ones, though that could take a long time.?

The conclusion to Deleting your Facebook Data:

One other thing here, you might have to run this a few times, for some reason, it will miss a few things, but I have heard this happens more frequently when using a higher speed to perform the deletions.

Well now that wasn’t so bad was it, you found out how to find your activity log, how to install the Chrome extension “ Social Book Post Manager” to make the process as painless as possible, and how to fine tune just what you want to be deleted from your account.

You can now take extra care with what you share while you are on Facebook or any other Social Media site for that matter, and you can relax knowing that your sensitive information won’t get into the wrong hands again.

So what are your thoughts on this, are you going to delete everything or just certain things?

I for one are going to delete most of my past history while saving my current year of activity. Get in on the discussion and leave your thoughts or question in the comment section below.

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  1. DianneBee

    Great info! I appreciate the description of this painstaking effort!.
    I have bookmarked this to examine again as soon as I can do this.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hi Dianne, good to see you and thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Yep, you will want to set some time aside to get started with the process, but once you get it setup it will run without too much interaction. If you have any problems, please let me know, I’m here to help!

  2. Chris Towers

    I think this is absolutely priceless information and thank you for sharing it.

    With the latest coming out in the news, it is absolutely vital to protect your privacy. It is important to protect what you share, and it is always wise what you chose to share and dont chose.

    I learned a lot here and have implemented what you have said.



    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hello Chris, the sad thing is it has taken something like this to wake us up to the fact that we share too much about ourselves on these platforms. Well, at least now we can move forward with the new knowledge and be more careful with what we share on Social Media sites.
      Thank you for adding to the conversation here,

  3. Glenys

    This is great Kim.
    I have been following along this whole series and I have found your advice to be really wonderful and worthwhile.
    I think you have done a great job of explaining all the steps that people have to follow to understand what data Facebook has on them and what they have to do to maintain their privacy moving forward.
    Great job Kim. thanks for sharing.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      You are Welcome Glenys, I’m happy that you have been following along and that my explanations have made some sort of sense. I actually have enjoyed doing this series, my next move will be to discuss Google, they are much better at showing their users what and how they use the data. So stay tuned, should be out on Thursday.
      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation here!

  4. Eric

    Simple and easy to follow but I was wondering if you plan on doing a video about these steps? Seems like it would be even easier to keep people aware and for those people like myself that like to pause a video while following along.

    I am not too worried about what Facebook data they have on me, but still it’s nice to know how to delete things in the event I decide to do it later.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hi Eric, great of you to stop by and I appreciate you taking the time and commenting. I have thought about doing videos but I’m not sure whether I’m ready to do that just yet, still a little shy. LOL I will look into seeing if there are any current ones on YouTube. They will have to be fairly new ones because Facebook has made some major changes in their settings page.
      I have two monitors that I use, I will put the video or text on one while I work on the other one, makes it a lot easier to follow directions.
      Hope to see you around,

  5. Michelle

    Great info, Kim. With all the drama lately around Facebook, it is good to know how to edit your settings to further secure your privacy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by, it does help to be aware of just how much of our sharing can be shared with the public. And knowing this will help keep our privacy intact while we are on any social media platform.


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