How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10: It’s easier than you think!

In the years gone by, screenshots have been very popular among mobile devices and computer users. How to take screenshots in windows 10The popularity is attributed to a lot of things. But the stand-out reason is that screenshots are a convenient way of storing important information from the internet or your PC by saving the portions of your screen that contain the information you want.

The ability to take quality screenshots using easy and straightforward steps has always been available in Windows OS, but not talked about and remand as a mystery as to how to take them, especially when keying the “PrtScn” button and nothing seemed to happen.

Actually, something did happen when you pressed the key. And this is what probably brought you to this article, so let’s take a good look at how to take screenshots in Windows 10.

Windows has incorporated built-in features that make it possible to take screenshots with your laptop or computer. Also, there are some programs that can be purchased and installed to take screenshots. Like the most popular one “Snagit by TechSmith”, but for this article, I will focus on what can be done with Windows.

And I will talk about how you can take screenshots and recordings of your gaming experiences.  Let’s get started with the most common one used, the Print Screen button.

To many, the PrtScn button has just been a button on your keyboard meant to add numbers of the keys located on the keyboard that seems to do nothing. And to some, it is a button that they were always trying to figure out its purpose and whether or not it really does send a screenshot to the printer. ?

Taking a Quick Screenshots with the Print Screen (PrtScn) Button:

The button is usually located to the right of the F12  key and on laptops. How to take screenshots in windows 10So when you press the Print Screen button it takes a screenshot of the screen and copies it to your clipboard. Now the effect of pressing the key is negligible, you will think that nothing happened but you are taking a screenshot and saving it to the clipboard. To see if it worked open your clipboard by pressing the “Windows” key + “V” and you should see it.

You can now paste the screenshot to something like an email or word doc. by placing your cursor in the application, then press “Windows” key + “V”, this will open your clipboard, now click on the image you want to paste to your application, that’s it, it should now show up there. ? And if you want to put it into your favorite image editor, open it, select “Edit> “Paste”, you are all set to edit the screenshot.

How To Save a Screenshot In File Form:

In this step, your screenshot will be sent to your “Pictures folder” > “Screenshots” and labeled “Screenshot (1), Screenshot (2), and so on.

So for tablets, you will want to press the “Windows key + volume down key.” And for laptops or desktops, you can press “Windows key+ PrtScn.” Some laptops will require you to press the “Windows key + Fn (or Ctrl) + PrtScn” to take a screenshot, see what works for you or check your laptop manual.

When you use any of the keys combinations that work for your device, the display will become blurry for a moment, letting you know that a screenshot was taken. You will then find it the folder (Pictures) mentioned above.

How to take screenshots in windows 10

Taking a Screenshot of only one Window:

Take your mouse and click on the “Title bar” of the window you wish to take a screenshot of. How to take screenshots in windows 10Then press  “Alt + PrtScn.” This will now be copied to your Clipboard (Windows key + V) like it was done it the first step above. You can then use the screenshot on the clipboard in any program that will help you achieve what you wanted with the screenshot. And with a Laptop, you may have to press “Alt + Fn + PrtScn” to achieve the same feat.

Taking a Screenshot of a Portion of Your Screen:

As long as your running Windows 10 Creators Update 2017 or later you will find this step to be useable, earlier versions it only worked inside of the Microsoft OneNote application.

Start by pressing the “Windows + Shift + S”. You will see your screen dim or greyed out, and the cursor will look like a large plus sign. Use your cursor to highlight any portion of the screen you want to take a screenshot. This will once again be saved to your Clipboard where you can past into any other application of your choosing.

Windows Snipping Tool:

The Windows Snipping Tool has been around since the days of Windows Vista (yep a long time ago ?) and without any sort of update except for fixing bugs that came up from time to time. It’s a great tool to take a screenshot of anything on your screen like an excerpt of a document, photo, or anything else that appears on your screen, except for pop-ups that will disappear when you left or right click your mouse.

To access the Snipping Tool type it into the Windows search bar in your lower left corner and then click on “Snipping Tool” that appears in the window. If you want you can pin it to your taskbar by right-clicking on the Icon and selecting “Pin to Taskbar” for future use if you plan on using it a lot.

It’s really simple to use, just open the app click on the down arrow next to “New” and choose the type of snip you want from a list of four (Free-form, Rectangular, Window, or Full-screen). Your screen will grey out and your cursor turns to a “Plus sign”, highlight the area you want, click on File, then Save or Save-as, choose your location to save it to, your all done.How to take screenshots in windows 10


That was available in the older version of Windows (Windows 8.1 and later) now in Windows 10 they finally did a much-needed update and added a delay feature so you can capture everything on your screen, even the pop-up menus and tool-tip windows. And with Windows 10 lastest “Fall Creator Update” they updated it further and the new version is now called Snip & Sketch”.

To accomplish this is simple, open the new “Snip & Sketch” or if you haven’t upgraded Windows 10 open your “Snipping Tool”, on the Snipping Tool at the top menu bar you will notice the Delay icon click on it and you have the option to delay from 1 to 5 seconds. On the Snip & Sketch click the down arrow next to the “New” button and you will get options to delay 3 seconds or 10 seconds.

How to take screenshots in windows 10

Next, click the “New” button, this time the screen will not immediately fad out and depending on the seconds you selected you will have time to set up your screenshot by placing anything you want into the area your working on even your pop-up menus and tool-tip windows. When your seconds are out of time your screen will grey out as it did in the first step above using the old “Snipping Tool”.

You will notice that if you choose the “Full-screen” or “Window” snip the snip will be captured immediately when the time runs out. Quick and Simple.?

For Gamers that love to take Screenshots and Footage:


How to take screenshots in windows 10Windows 10 now has the Game DVR capabilities to take screenshots and gameplay footage of Windows PC Games using the “Game bar” where you can set up your gameplay footage and screenshots. Your screenshots will be taken in PNG format and they will be saved under “C:\Users\{your username}\Videos\Captures.

To get started open “Settings” > “Gaming” > Make sure “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar”  is Turned on. From there you can keep or change any of the “Keyboard shortcuts”. When you are ready to take a Capture of your game use whatever Keyboard shortcut you assigned to “Open Game bar” (default Win +G).

Now with the Game bar app opened you will see under the label “Game capturing” a row of 5 options starting with “Take Screenshot, “Record last 30 Sec., Start Recording, Turn Mic on while recording, and Start broadcasting”. You can also set your sound settings to your liking along with accessing your “Game bar settings. Select any of the options to get started recording your game.

How to take screenshots in windows 10


In wrapping this up here is a quick recap of what we discussed.

  • Print/Screen: By pressing the “PrtScn” button will take a copy of your screen and save to your “Clipboard”.
  • Windows Key +PrtScn: This will save a screenshot to a folder labeled “Screenshots”
  • Alt + PrtScn: Takes a screenshot of a certain window and saved to your Screenshots folder.
  • Windows + Shift + PrtScn: Use this to take a portion of a screen.
  • Using the built-in “Snipping tool”: Take a clip anywhere on your screen and save it to any file you want.


As you can see there are quite a few ways to take a screenshot of anything on your screens that you desire and use them in any document or photo editor of your choosing. Now you can take screenshots of anything you want and share them with whoever you want. 🙂

What are your thoughts on Taking Screenshots, were you aware of any of these, or do know other ways to accomplish this?

I love hearing from my readers so if you have any question or comments you can leave them in the comment section below!


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  1. Sammynathaniels

    Hi Kim,

    I wasn’t aware of any of this. I even thought that the PrtScn button it is just a fancy button or putting it in the right way, a button for tech savvy users only. I never knew I was saving screenshots to my clipboard but I wasn’t using them.

    This right here will go a long way in improving my use of  computers. I alsoI really admire the fact that they can be easily edited.

    Thank you very much for this. I enjoyed reading this.



    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hey there Sammy, thanks for stopping by and I’m glad that you found this article to be helpful. You’re not the only one that thought the PrtScn was a useless key, a lot of people do.:) 


  2. Michael

    Wow…. This is  interesting and educative article.

    Some years back, I found it confusing on how to screenshot on my laptop. The day I got to know how, I was aghasted that is this as easy as this? But as you rightly said, the key button is relative. It depends on windows or type of laptop you use. I strongly agree with everything you had written here.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Thanks Michael for stopping by and commenting. Most people are confused about the use of the PrtScn button due to the fact that it is not mentioned much in computer manuals, Thanks to Google anything is possible.



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