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iDrive Review

Overall Ranking: 4.5 stars out of 5

Where to Buy: iDrive

Price: $52.12 per yr. for 2TB


Are you looking for a great backup service? One that is reliable and secure? Well, I really like iDrive and have been using it for two years now and have not had any problems with it. In fact, I would be totally lost if it weren’t for using iDrive.

I have had to reinstall Windows 10 a couple of times now and each time the data gets erased on my hard drive so with the use of iDrive I have been able to recover

all of my important files like documents, photos, and my music. With iDrive the recovery process was simple and painless, it installed all of the data to there appropriate folders on my hard drive just like it was at the beginning.

You just never know when there might be a problem with your PC or Laptop and having a backup of your files is a must have and what a better place than in the cloud where only you have access to them.

No more having backup copies stored on disk (the old style) or the more popular way of using a flash drive, and forgetting to run the backups.

iDrive will take care of your backups for you on a regular basis so you don’t have to remember to do it yourself, and you will have access to them no matter where you are. You can access them from any browser.



  • Keeps all your folders in sync
  • Simple to set-up
  • Make an Image of your drive for recovery from system failure.
  • Access to your files from any computer.
  • Unlimited number of PCs or Laptop backups


  • Not as fast uploading or downloading of files compared to others
  • Limited Storage, your last 10 versions


Everyone Will Benefit:

Anyone looking for a backup solution for their PC or Laptop will benefit from using iDrive, no more worrying about manually keeping backups of all your files and keeping them safe. Simple to set-up and you can get started with a lifetime of 5 GB for free.

Though I’m not sure who would benefit with only 5 GB of data space, just my photos take up a lot more than that. ?



When you select the Backup Tab you will be presented with the default files already selected which you can add to or delete just by clicking on the Change tab at the bottom. You can then select where you want them back up to, your iDrive account on the cloud or you could choose to have them back up to a local drive,  or an express device.

Once you have selected all the folders you want you can choose to have them backed up now or schedule a time, date, frequency, and notification type.

iDrive Backup Reviews


To get started in restoring the files you have the option to choose what backups you wish to restore, the ones from the cloud or the ones from your local drive.

You can then choose which files you want to backup from the list of all the devices that you have had backed up. You can further narrow down your choice of files to a single file if you so desire all by clicking on the arrows next to the files.

After selecting your files you can now choose to restore them to their original locations or to a different location on your drive.

iDrive Backup Reviews


This is where you can fine-tune the time and day of the week for your backups to take place. You will have the option to choose the time of the day in which the backup will take place, and which day or days of the week you wish it to take place.

You can also set iDrive to email you if the backup was successful, unsuccessful or just unsuccessful, along with receiving desktop notification. And you can select it to start a missed schedule backup when your PC is turned back on.

As you can see from the scheduling here that there is no reason for files not to be backed up giving you a peace of mind knowing your data is secure from loss.

iDrive Backup Reviews


With file sync, you will have access to your files in real time from any web browser and even use mobile apps on your iPhone or tablet to access them. So any changes in your files will automatically be in sync with your iDrive cloud account.

The moment you modify files, the updates sync to the local drive of computers on which Sync is enabled and to your cloud account; thus you can instantly access the latest version of your files locally, via a web browser, and using mobile apps too!

For syncing your files iDrive creates a unique folder on every linked computer you have set up with your iDrive account, remember you have unlimited PCs, Laptops, or other devices that you can set up for backups, the only thing is the data storage that you sign up for that is affected.

Sync storage does not impact your backup storage. The Sync storage limit matches your backup storage limits.

iDrive Backup Reviews



Server Backup: For Business that have their own servers:

On this tab, you can backup (if you are using a server) your MS SQL Server database, MS Exchange Server database, mailboxes,  and Oracle Server database, all without stopping the server services.

You can also use  IDrive to perform a granular backup of MS SharePoint Server and restore the backed up data,  again all without stopping the MS SharePoint services. Create a backup file, which can be used to recover critical system components in case of a crash, with System State Backup.

You can perform either Online backup or Local backup for your servers and databases. For server backup, you can restore up to 10 previous versions of your backed up files.


Here on this tab, you have total control over what, where, and how you want your backups done. You can also select how you want to be notified and what you want to be notified about, like a failure or success of a backup, Failure of missing files and so on.

iDrive Backup reviews

Disk Image Backup:

IDirves disk image backup can backup your entire drive that will include the operating system, settings, programs, file, and folders. I use this one once I have my PC all setup with all of my files and programs the way I want it so if my system should ever crash I can then restore the drive back to its original state.  I then restore all of my backups from my iDrive folder which will replace any missing files that were updated after the image was done. This has saved me a lot of time in restoring my system after a major crash.


Anywhere inside the desktop application, you will notice the “?” which you can click on and it will open a window in your browser with a detailed explanation of how to use everything that is available inside iDrive. You also are given two numbers to use, one within the USA and one outside the USA, they are open Monday through Friday 6:00 am to 6:00 pm PST.

You can also email them or 24/7 live chat. Now I have never had to use the support system but have heard nothing but great response about their support system. Better than a lot of them.

Let’s not forget they also have a Mobile App for your iPhone and Tablet 


I have covered only the basic features here, there is a lot more to this program and you can check it out more by clicking here. As I stated above I have been using iDrive for two years now and totally love it, it’s simple to set up and easy to navigate around. If you’re in need of a great backup and restore product I highly recommend it.

The price is right in line with other popular online backup services like SOS online backup for $59.99, Carbonite for $59.99, Backblaze for $50.00, Mozy for $65.00, and more.

And PCmag has rated it their Editor’s Choice of the year with 4.5 stars.

So what do youThink, is it Time to get your files Backed Up? Click Below to Get Started!

PRICE: $52.12 per year for 2 Terabytes of online storage.


Have Any Questions Regarding iDrive?

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  1. John

    Always looking for a way to keep files that may be needed after a hard crash. I currently use Google Drive for pictures, the Free version of Idrive may be good for backing up just my computer files, not big enough for my picture files. Many of the newer laptops do not have a disk drive for recovery, this makes it good for a quick recovery if you can get your system started.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hi John,
      It really does come in handy for a quick recovery of all your data files, as I stated above I have used it often. I also use Google photos to back up all of my pictures and it works across all of your devices that you are signed into your google account. Which makes it nice for your iPhones because the pictures that you take are atomically uploaded to the cloud and you can view every single one of them on your device with taking up storage space.
      Great seeing you again!

  2. Tara

    Hi Kim, I noticed that you said you can backup to a local drive, can this be done with the free account? If so, is the backup still limited to 5 GB. I assume your data would not be available from anywhere if you choose to backup to your own local drive, unless iDrive can access your local drive on the web. Nice review.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hi Tara,
      Yes, you can use the free account to save to your local drive and it is only limited to the size of your drive.
      Neither version allows you to view your local drive from the web unless you have set up some sort of remote access to your PC.
      Hope this has cleared this up for you, and thanks for stopping by!


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