Phoenix 360 Review: The Ultimate Protection & Maintenance Software for 2018

Phoenix 360

Name: Phoenix 360
Price: $79.96 with 20% off with coupon belowPhoenix 360 Review
Manufactureriolo technologies
Overall Rank: 4 Stars out of 5

Phoenix 360, Product Overview:

Introducing iolo lastest product the Phoenix 360 that includes 7 products all in one easy to navigate programs. The new iolo Phoenix 360, is the most comprehensive performance, protection, and privacy package to help safeguard, speed up and simplify your digital life.

This will software package will allow you to eliminate the need to have sperate programs on your computer to accomplish a task like fixing errors in your register, cleaning out your junk files and optimizing your PC to name a few. You will also get VB100-certified antivirus protection, on-demand malware detection and removal, and much more:

So let’s take a look at what we have here:


  • Pro 1: Eliminates the need for multiple programs.
  • Pro 2: A well-known PC repair and Optimizer tool.
  • Pro 3: Guardian protection of your privacy
  • Pro 4: Windows 10 specific privacy tool.


  • Con 1: Internet booster is limited in what it does
  • Con 2: Poor reviews on Customer service

Are you someone that would enjoy this product?

Is your computer running slow, does it crash occasionally? Do you need a reliable antivirus software, or how about a password manager for that countless password list that you have tucked in a drawer or sitting next to your computer? Maybe you would like to more safe and private while you’re surfing the internet?

Have you ever deleted a file accidentally, or maybe you need to wipe a hard drive of all your personal files?

Then in your in luck, because this all-in-one software will take care of all that and more. No more having to purchase up to 7 different software packages to keep your computer running like new, keeping you safe and protected while online
Let’s take a look at what you will get in this package and then we will visit each one to see how they do all the work for you.

What You Get with Phoenix 360:

  • System Mechanic 2017: This will get your PC up and running like new again.
  • System Shield: This is your antivirus and spyware program to keep your system free of threats.Phoenix 360 Review
  • Malware Killer: Run occasionally to discover and remove malware from the
  • Privacy Guardian: Keep your private information safe from prying eyes.
  • ByePass: This will generate strong passwords, keep them secure and automatically enter them for you.
  • Drive Scrubber: Erase all the data on a hard drive quickly and securely.
  • Search and Recover: Recover files or folders that were accidentally deleted.

System Mechanic 2017:

  • Boosts Speed: It will automatically increase the speed and availability of your CPU, RAM, and Hard drivePhoenix 360 Review resource any time you launch any high demanding programs, giving you a smoother and faster experience.
  • Fixes and Repairs Problems: When run it will find and repair or fix over 30,000 different problems from your system.
  • Removes Bloatware: This will find unwanted programs that startup and run in the background without your knowledge.
  • Cleans out Your Clutter: This will remove over 50 different types of junk files that are hidden on your drive.
  • Helps Internet Speed: By optimizing hidden and hard to find internet settings giving you a faster experience while working

System Shield:

  • Protects against Viruses: Just like any other virus program around it will find and remove any dangerous and stubborn infections on your system. Phoenix 360 ReviewWill also protect you from any further attacks.
  • Won’t slow your System down: The program will protect without any unnecessary add-ons with nearly zero resource consumption.
  • Permanently Removes Pest: This will exterminate any pests and parasites leaving your system stable and freeing up the

Malware Killer:

  • Uses Cloud-based Malware Analysis: This uses a proprietary Scan Cloud-based scanning enabled by its own developed algorithm to dramatically reduce the time of detectioPhoenix 360 Reviewn of new outbreaks.
  • Scans and Removes Malware: This will scan your system for any existing malware and remove it from your system, and then will run in the background protecting you from further attacks.
  • Shares new Attacks: Malware killer shares this information with all of its users so everyone will have the most updated

Privacy Guardian:

  • Prevents Browser Fingerprinting Scripts: It does this by scrambling the data that they use toPhoenix 360 Review gain vast amounts of your personal information that is used when visiting websites.
  • Protection of Online Tracking: Protects from the latest and most sophisticated types of online trackings, such as cookies that are left behind after visiting a website.
  • Browse and Search Privately to Protect your Identity:

ByePass Password Manager:

  • Safeguards Passwords and Credit Cards:
  • Encrypts your Data: Securely stores your Credit Card info and Passwords with military-grade encryption.Phoenix 360 Review
  • Stop Typing Passwords: ByePass will autofill your passwords and credit card info automatically and generate new strong passwords for you.
  • Remotely Log Out of Your Websites:

Drive Scrubber:

  • Customizable Tools: Here you can use different security levels when wiping a drive,Phoenix 360 Review from a quick wipe to a magnetic field residue detection or microscopy wipe.
  • Scalable Options: Such as batch-wipe, pause, cancel and resume features while not touching the drive boot and partition structures.
  • Secure Wiping Methods: Uses methods originally developed by the US Department of

Search and Recover: 

  • Recovers from Many Devices: You can recover your data from Flash drives, CDs, DVDs, Cameras, Music players, and more.
  • Recovers from Many Drives: Such as USB, USB 2.0, IDE, SCSI, FireWire, and
  • Recovers Emails: Now you get back those emails that you mistakingly deleted from popular email programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, Phoenix 360 ReviewThunderbird, Netscape, Mail, and more.
  • Recovers from Failing Devices. Their smart technology will recover data from damaged, repartitioned, formatted, and malfunctioning drives.

As you can see you get a lot of great tools to keep your PC running smoothly along with staying safer while surfing the Web. A great way to keep your passwords safe and having them generated for you while making them strong ones that are near unbreakable.

You won’t need to worry about deleting and losing any of your files ever again, and with ever occurring attacks that are going on these days, you will be a whole lot safer with the Mallare Killer and System Sheild.

 Phoenix 360’s Support:

They have the typical support offered by most software companies where you visit their website and go to their support page where you can select from various items that represent your problem. Or you can go there contact page where you will find the number on the technical support line. But after reading reviews on their customer support system, well a lot of people were not too happy about it.

Now I have used their products in the past and never ran into any problems where I would need to get a hold of them, so I can not speak from any experience of my own. It’s just not good to have more bad remarks that good ones when they have a great product if you know what I mean.

My opinion of the Phoenix 360:

I have used many of their products in the past, mostly the System Mechanics and have always been impressed with the ease and speed of their products. I also have never encountered any problems with downloading any of their software or from running them on a Windows OS device.

Now as far as this package goes, well it hasn’t been out that long (a couple of months ago they launched it) but everything seems fine with the one running on my machine right now, no problems yet (we hope it stays that way), and seeing that they have integrated most of it from there stand along programs it should be Good to Go.

So if you have a slow, cluttered system that crashes or freezes now and again and wants more protection from the daily hacks that are going on along with having stronger passwords (never use the same one for multiple sites!) and a way to protect your Privacy online.

Now if you were to purchase the individual software separately you would be looking at a cost of >

  • System Mechanics Pro: $49.95
  • Drive Scrubber: $29.95
  • System Shield: $39.95
  • Search and Recover: 39.95
  • For a Total of  $159.60

As you can see you can see you only can purchase 4 out of the 7 products that are integrated into Phoenix 360. The other 3 are part of the original product and can not be purchased separately. So you would be spending well over the cost of Purchasing the Phoenix 360 which gives you 3 additional products for a lot less!

So what are you waiting for why not take the plunge today and get the ultimate Protection and Maintenance for your PC by clicking on the link below:

==> Get 20% off iolo’s Phoenix 360™; Total Protection, Privacy & Performance for Your Digital Life. <==

Do you have any Questions or Comments about the Phoenix 360?

If you do I would love to hear from you and I will promise to get back to you within 24 hrs (most of the time). So don’t hesitate to ask or comment in the Comment Section below.

Have a safe day on the Internet!


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  1. DianneBe

    I have to say I’m impressed with the properties of this product. I use Mcafee for my Windows 10 pc and my other laptop is Ubuntu so I don’t need anything for that.
    Yet, as time moves on I have more to lose.
    I might look into this product before I renew my current product!

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hi Dianne, nice of you to stop by!
      I looked into this product just for the reason it has all the software I need all rolled up in one and at half the price of purchasing separate software to accomplish all the task that this one does. And I have used the System Mechanics in the past and really like its performance.
      Thanks for dropping in and dropping a note!

  2. Xavier Perez Sr.

    Thanks Kim for your informative post. I found your post interesting and detailed with great descriptions. I have not heard of this program but I will look into it. The prices seem to be fair and could fit into anyone’s budget. Thanks again and have a great day.


    1. Kim (Post author)

      Thank you Xavier, I appreciate you taking the time to check this out. This is a fairly new product and most likely why you have not heard about it, with everything that is bundled into the package it is a lot cheaper than if you were to purchase separate programs to accomplish the same things, and the price is comparable to a good Anti-Virus security software.
      See you around,

  3. Glenys

    This is nice. I often worry about my computer. I am on the internet all the time and unfortunately that just means that sooner or later I will start running into problems (groan) Its nice to think that there is a credible source that will fix a lot of these common issues for me. This program means more to me because I an running Windows 10 software and they are prone to lots of bugs, ticks and problems. I like that you use this product personally. that is important to me when people recommend stuff. Thank you.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hello there Glenys nice to see you! And thank you for stopping by. I find it difficult to write an honest review of a product that I have never used, and that is why I try out or use a product before writing my article. So your kind words mean a lot to me. Daily use of your PC can have quite an effect on the overall performance, therefore a good idea to run some sort of maintenance to clear out junk files, broken links and so on. Now all this can be done by using a lot of different free programs, but hey, who has the time to do that. It much simpler to have one program to take care of everything and to avoid procrastinating in running the other programs.
      Thank you for commenting here,

  4. R. Haney

    Really like the System Mechanic software and add-ons. If you purchase the Mechanic software for multiple computers they usually pitch deals for their other packages. I installed a license on my grandson’s new computer. It is easy to keep his system protected and he can understand what it is doing. McAfee and Norton tie up too many system resources to do their job. System Mechanic is straightforward and runs fairly inconspicuously. Highly recommended.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Totally agree with you about Mcafree and Norton, they do take up a lot of resources. I like the fact that the Phoenix 360 has everything packaged into one product, eliminating having to have several other software packages to accomplish everything that needs to be taken care of. Yes, I have noticed that all I had to do was to upgrade my exciting System Mechanic to the Phoenix 360 at a cheaper price.
      Thank you for stopping by,

  5. Ray Brisbane

    I purchased Phoenix 360 ref 66475852 in Dec 17. It still wont load stating it doesn’t work with Int Expl yet. Will it before my end date? I’ve been using System Mechanics for years on it.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hi Ray, sorry about the long wait for me to reply back to you, a death in the family can take up a lot of your time. Why not use a different browser, like Chrome, Firefox, or even Microsoft edge if you’re running Windows 10.
      Hope this helps, if not you should contact System mechanics.

  6. Sal Smith

    Can I use this product running Norton or McAfee or will it conflict and have its own anti-virus software? Also, I use Malwarebytes free version will it conflict with it too?

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hello Sal,
      I also am running Norton and Malwarebytes and have not had any conflict issues while running Phoenix 360. I’m not sure about McAfee but I would bet that there would be no issues.
      Hope this has helped and thank you for stopping by,


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