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By now most of us now know that our identity and personal life is up for grabs by anyone looking to make money off of your personal data. Things like your address, your browsing habits, age, gender, where you work and so on. I’m sure you get the gist of what they are looking for here. They want to know more about you so they can target you with specific adds while you’re browsing the internet and more.

And they don’t stop there if they get your email address well, you guessed it, more junk mail. And what about your mailing address, yep more trash in the mailbox. For instance, I will be turning 65 (yeah, I know that old already ?)) and low and behold It seems like the whole world knows about it.

My email accounts are full of Medicare spam along with all the Medicare hype showing up in my mailbox. Not to mention the phone calls from those spammy people that want to sell me everything under the sun relating to Medicare.

Well, I’m sure you’re getting the point by now that our personal information seems to be out there for the grab. Which brings us to the question can we somehow protect our Privacy while we work and play online?

And the answer is Yes, this is where TrackOFF comes into play, it is built to just do that, help protect your Privacy by shielding your digital fingerprint (I’ll discuss this later on) from known tracking techniques, keeping your browsing history clean and encrypt your internet traffic.

Who is going to benefit from this?

Anyone and everyone that wants a more private life while you’re online, and guess what, even if you don’t have a browser open there are plenty of other applications that you run on your computer that are using the internet to access data and other things while working in the background.

Even though you might be using an Antivirus, VPN service, or Malware software (which you should be doing at least the Antivirus software) companies can still track you and gather information about your online activities using your digital fingerprint.

So what is a digital fingerprint, what does it do, and why do I care? These are great questions to ask and that is why I will take some time here to explain it because after all, it’s the at the heart of what TrackOFF does to keep your privacy from spying eyes.

Digital FingerPrint:

First off let’s take a look at the cookies that websites leave on your computer for the purpose of making your browsing of there website hassle free. This means that if you visit a webpage and enter data, this data will then be saved as a text file on your computer so that when you visit another page on that website you won’t have to enter the data again.

Or if you leave the website and return again later, same thing, no need to enter the data again.

Now other sites are not able to touch that data and it’s only the data that you gave to that website which doesn’t sound like much of a privacy problem, or at least it didn’t use to.

Advertiser learned that they could use cookies also to track you from on site to another by leaving a third-party cookie in their own URL (third-party because it’s there cookie, not the website’s cookie).

Now when the add shows up on a different website that you visit the advertiser will record that data inside its cookie, thus building a profile of the sites that you visit.

Even though you set your browser to block these cookies which they do, the advertisers are now using  Evercookies,  zombie cookies, and other technologies which are basically self-repairing cookies. So even if your browser deletes them they will repair themselves so the advertiser can still track you.

So now what we have is the new fingerprinting technique coming into play which eliminates the need for websites to leave that data (cookies) on your computer. Instead, your browser now contains a lot of information about itself and your computer like what extensions you have installed, the version of that browser, your OS (operating system), and more.

Trackers now use algorithms to process that data into a Fingerprint that is unique to you and only you. So as you can see once trackers and advertisers get this information they can target you with adds relating to you, and of course, they will most likely sell this information, after all, it is about the money!

So what does TrackOFF do to stop this from happening, well they tack your digital fingerprint and every 30 to 60 minutes they make changes to the data, just enough to give you a totally different fingerprint. And in between the automatic changing, they monitor for any attempts to collect the fingerprint in real time. So any attempt TrackOFF changes the fingerprint just enough to fool the fingerprinter.

I know this was a lot of information but I felt it kind of necessary for you to get the full gest of what TrackOFF can do to protect your privacy so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not you want to purchase TrackOFF.

What TrackOFF Offers:

Now with all that said and out of the way, let’s take a look at what TrackOFF has to offer you in protecting your privacy.

Trackoff review

  • Prevents online ID theft: This is where TrackOFF works to disguise your Digital Fingerprint and preventing thieves from stealing your data.
  • Shields your internet browsing history from prying eyes: TrackOFF keeps your browsers clean of tracking cookies.
  • Detects threats in real-time: TrackOFF can identify and block attempts to collect your personal, family and financial
  • Automatically syncs to your browsers: TrackOFF will enable protection on all of the browsers on your computer so you don’t have to bother with making sure they are.
  • Schedules your browsing cleanings: Even though you can do this yourself easy enough on any browser, this will take away any worries about remembering to do it yourself.
  • Won’t degrade your browsing experience: Other software has a tendency to disrupt your browsing and can cause crashes, TrackOFF will not.
  • Shows who’s trying to track you and stops them: You can view a full report of all the websites that have tried to scoop up your data. (after running this for a week, it can be quite alarming of all the unknown websites trying to get your data). At least I was surprised when I viewed my report. LOL

Taking a Look Inside:


Starting with the Dashboard you will get a look at your privacy score, which you will note that mine is at a high of 87. To improve this score you can click on the “Improve my Privacy condition) button which will take you to the “Reports page”- tab (Privacy Score) where you will see that you four options to improve your score.

Trackoff review

  1. Browser Protection: Find out what browsers are enabled. You can turn them on or off on this page.
  2. Unprotected Browsers: Shows if you have any unprotected Browsers and will take you to the same page as in #1
  3. Cookie clearing Schedule: Shows the status of the cookie cleaning that’s been done on your browsers. This will take you to a page where you can select to clear the current data in a browser and set up a schedule for how often you want to clear the data. The more frequent you clean your cookies the higher your score.
  4. Cookie Whitelist Entries: Shows the number of websites you have entered to whitelist from blocking trackers. The lower the number the better your score is. This will also take you to the same page as in #3.

From the dashboard, you can see when and how many items were cleared from your browsers with the total number of cookies that have been cleaned. On the right side, you will see your latest Tracking Activity, Top Tracking Websites, and the Total Tracking Attempts Blocked.

Private Searches:

You also have the ability to do Private searches from inside the app by selecting the “Private Search” tab which will open your browser to DuckDuckGo.


Here you can see your Tracking Activity which after the first day or two you will start to see just how often someone is trying to track you and from sites, you have never heard of. You can also see when and how often your Fingerprint is changed.

Trackoff review

And of course, your Privacy Score page is here which we discussed on your dashboard.


Here you can select the following four settings to enable them.


  • Enable Tracking Detection:
  • Show notifications for Fingerprint Changes:
  • Start TrackOFF at System Startup:
  • Minimize TrackOFF at Start:

You can select your preferred language and how often to be notified of blocked tracking attempts from every hour up to every 100 attempts or never. At first, it’s fun to see every attempt that happens, but after a while, you may become annoyed with all the notifications and want to select something that’s happening less often. ?

The right side of the screen shows your Activation Keys along with a button to check for updates.

As you can see that once you have it installed there is very little to set up and once that’s done it will run quietly in the background protecting your privacy as long as your computer is connected to the internet. Just taking a look at my dashboard gives you an idea of just how much your data is being tracked and how well this program works to protect that data.

Comparable Software:

Actually, I could not find any other software that has the ability to mask your Digital Fingerprint like TrackOFF does. But there are a couple that comes close to protecting your privacy.

  • Albine Blur: Price per year- $39.00 for one license (TrackOFF 3 licenses), prevents advertisers from tracking your moves on your browser, has a poor (in my opinion) password manager, and will mask credit card numbers.
  • Steganos Privacy Suite: Price per year $59.95 one license. Encrypts and hides files, Password manager (better than Blurs), blocks ads and browsing tracks.

Is TrackOFF worth it?

Its price is reasonable for the protection you get, and it’s a little cheaper when compared with Albine Blur by a few dollars but you get 3 licenses instead of only one. So the big question to you is that, what is your privacy worth?

If this fits your budget it will be worth your money for protecting your privacy.

Keep in mind this won’t replace your Ant-virus software or Malware programs, and, it will not stop Ransomware or hide your location.Trackoff review

Now for added privacy, you can upgrade to the Elite for an additional $25.00 (around $2 a month) and get their VPN to mask your location so nobody will know where you live. Standalone VPN’s run anywhere from $4 to $12 a month, so it is quite comparable in price.

My final thoughts:

I have been running TrackOFF for a month now and have found no issues with my activity on my browsers, except for the pop-ups (which can be limited when they become annoying) I don’t even know it is running.

I have found it quite surprising just how many sites are trying to gather your information, even when I don’t have a browser open there will be a pop-up or two notifying me of block attempts. This happens a lot when I run apps from Microsoft Store like the News app, some of the games, others, and even running other apps that are not from Microsoft. So yea, I think it’s great even for the price.

So what are you waiting for, click below to get your copy of TrackOFF and stop them from tracking you once and for all.


So what are your thoughts about this product, do you think it would be a good fit for your arsenal of Security Software?

I love hearing from my readers, there thoughts and questions, so if you have any questions or want to leave a comment, do so in the comment section below!


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  1. Alan Edwards

    That´s a great review of a very interesting product. I will check it out further as privacy and security is a massive concern these days, Alan

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hey Alan, happy that you found this product interesting. I have found it to be quite useful in the attempt to protect my privacy to it’s fullest. They do have a free trial for a few days that you can check out so you can see how well it does work.
      Thanks for stopping by,


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