What is the Net Neutrality About: Should You be Concerned?

what is net neutrality about

.Net Neutrality, what is it and should I be concerned?

Net Neutrality by definition is where service providers (Comcast, Verison, Century link, and so on) are supposed to treat all data on the internet the same. This means that they can not put any restrictions of any kind to the access to any content or data on the web along with no restrictions to uploads, downloads or any communication via email, chat, text, etc.

This also means that they cannot slow down or speed up services or charge more for specific websites and streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. For example, Comcast (or another service provider) cannot charge you more for viewing things on Netflix or throttle down your service unless you pay a higher price for faster service.

How does this help you?

As long as Net Neutrality governs the web we have unrestricted accesswhat is the net neutrality about to the entire web, allowing you to visit any website, watch any video, download music, send an email and so on. You are allowed all access to the web for whatever reason with no restriction like charging you more for certain sites or slowing down your connection when using streaming services.

What has Net Neutrality done for us?

Having no restriction on the web has allowed the internet to grow at a remarkable rate since it was created in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee. It has grown into a world where we manage our lives, paying bills as well as communicate with others whether it’s with government leaders, work, friends,  medical personnel, and whomever.

And let’s not forget about the entertainment that we so desperately rely on in our daily lives like social media sites, streaming videos, listening to our favorite music, your getting the picture here right?

Is Net Neutrality worldwide, and what happens when there isn’t one?

The simple answer is no, and now neither is the US as of Dec. 14, 2017. Other countries allow their government to control or restrict users access to the web. For example, in some countries, you are not allowed to view Netflix unless you pay an additional fee beyond your normal subscription charge.

As an example, let’s say you were to visit one of those countries and you wanted to log into your Netflix account on your laptop to watch a movie, well, you would be blocked from doing so because of their restrictions.

Now that the FCC has voted to remove the Net Neutrality users are no longer guaranteed equal access to the web. With many companies that have a vested interest in making sure that they have better control over what they can charge the users for using their services and making the web a “pay for play” platform.

So as you can see this could lead to restrictions being applied to what you are able to search for, read, watch, view, download, and so on. And this could lead to the FCC (Federal communications commission) in having a very negative Net Neutrality ruling.what is the net neutrality about

We could lose our freedom of the web where we are able to view, download, access to unlimited websites and so on and on.

What can we do to change this?

You can start by visiting “Battle for Net Neutrality” website where you can enter your information (name, address, email address) and they will send an email to your local congressperson for you. You will also receive phone #’s that you can call to voice your opinion.

And if you own a website you can show your support and inform your readers about this issue by inserting a “Red Aler” widget that informs your readers to contact their congressmen to voice their opinion on this matter.

what is the net neutrality about


Wrapping up the Net Neutrality.

We were doing just fine with the Net Neutrality in place, we were able to visit any place on the internet without any restrictions, watch what we want, download our videos and music. Along with everything else we are accustomed to doing on the internet with no extra charges or restrictions in place.

Now so far everything is going along just as it was before the vote to discontinue the Net Neutrality, and hopefully, there won’t be any changes in how we use the web.

But are you willing to sit back and see if everything works out for the best, or do you want to at least let your voice be heard by contacting your congressmen and tell them how you feel?

As I mentioned above it’s simple just click on the link (Battle for Net Neutrality) and fill in your information.

For further explanation of the Net Neutrality, you can check out this video.

How do you feel about the Net Neutrality, is this something that concerns you?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so if you want to you leave them in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you!


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  1. John

    Looks like some progress has been made to reverse this program. Having people put premiums on some sites to just get more revenue is going to slow down the growth of the internet. People will find other ways to get what they want for less money. Thanks for the information and links to take action on Net Neutrality.

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hey John, There has been some progress but until it is reversed for good we all need to participate in one way or another. It all comes down to someone wanting more money than they deserve and screw the rest.
      Thanks for commenting, see you around.

  2. Tara

    Hello Kim, excellent explanation of net neutrality and why it is important to voice your concerns and prevent the providers from making the internet pay for play. I’m sure the cable companies are not too happy with the competition from Netflix and other streaming sites, but I think several have started to offer packages including Netflix. Dial-up was pay for play, and speeds greatly affected use. I was so happy when high speed became available and unlimited. My current package again has limits, then after I was in the contract the cable company started offering unlimited again… Thanks for sharing!

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hey Tara, great to see you again. Everything was going along just fine with net neutrality in place and we hope it will continue to do so. But with it being taken out a lot of bad things could happen like as you mentioned in the dial-up days.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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