What Parts are Needed to Build a Computer

How to Build a Computer:

Are you curious about what parts are needed to build a computer? If you are great, because on this page I want to share with you a list of all the parts that you need to build your very own computer and I would also like to tell you a thing or two about each one.

So hopefully when you’re done reading this page, you will think to yourself “hey I think I want to build my own computer” and if you do, great! Because I have 3 other phases to show you on how to accomplish this. This here will be the first phase out of four, in learning how to go about building your own computer.

Here is a photo giving you a list of Hardware needed to build a computer

What parts are needed to build a computer



We can look at The Motherboard as the mother of the computer family; she watches over her children (computer components) and makes sure that they all get along with each other, so there won’t be any fighting between them.What parts are needed to build a computer With  that in mind,the motherboard is the main board where all the other hardware of the computer is connected to allowing them to communicate with each other with the help of the CPU (central processing unit)

The motherboard comes in a Variety of sizes, shapes,  features, and are built to support  either  an Intel CPU or Amd CPU. ( we will go over the difference in  phase two where I will show you what to look for when buying your hardware.)


This is the Brain of the Computer where as it allows the mother to dictate all the tasks that she has for her children ( the hardware) and help them to communicate with each other. What parts are needed to build a computerSo here you have the brain of the computer which is installed on the motherboard allowing it to communicate with all of the other components and hardware.

There are two name brands the Intel and AMD, both of which come in a variety of speeds, and core sizes such as a dual core, or quad core or higher allowing them to multi-task more efficiently. In phase two I will go over what to look for when deciding which way you want to go in your purchase of a CPU.

Random Access Memory (Ram):

The Memory modules are where the brain (CPU) stores the information from the data it has gathered from the programs that you run on your computer.

What parts are needed to build a computer


This allows the computer to operate at a faster speed than if it had to get the info off of the hard drive every time it was looking for something.

The Ram comes in different sizes of storage capacities such as 2gig, 4gig, and higher, it also comes in different makes like DDR-3 or DDR-4 which has to do with the speed they run.

Computer Case:

The Computer case is the house for the mother and her children to reside in. So in retrospect the Computer case is where all of the hardware such as the motherboard, hard drive, optical drives, sound card, and video cards,  are housed. What parts are needed to build a computerThey come in various sizes such as mini, micro, and full-size tower. They also come with an assortment of how many drive bays, optical  bays and expansion slots are available for any future upgrades that you may have in mind.

Power Supply:

The power supply is like the food for all the family members in the home, which is required  to  perform their daily actives, the more they burn the more they will need to function properly.

This piece of hardware supplies all of the right amount of power you need for the components you install in the case, converting the AC voltage from your wall sockets to DC voltage that the components can handle In just the right amount.What parts are needed to build a computer They range in size (for different size of computer cases) and in wattage output, (from 400 watts to over 1,000 watts)  all depending on how much hardware you want and their power consumption.

Hard Drive:

The hard drive is like the storage closet of the home, it is where you store all your tools (software programs) until you need them to complete your daily actives. What parts are needed to build a computerThis is the component that you will use to  store your photos, music, games, documents and more until you need them, then your CPU will pick out what it needs to complete a certain task. Go it, good.

The Hard drives also come in different storage capacities, so the more things you need to store the larger the space you will need. They range in size from a couple hundred gigabytes to one or more terabytes, and run at different speeds. The SSD drives are known to run faster than the common SATA drives which we will discuss later,

DVD-CD Drives: Blue-ray Drives

The Digital optical drive is like a shopping bag you put your purchase in until you get home, where you then  place them in their storage place. What parts are needed to build a computerSo when you purchase new software, music and videos you place them in this unit and then load them onto the hard drive for future use.

This drive comes in different formats, read only or read & write, giving you the opportunity for making backups or a music CD, and a variety of other things. These are fairly inexpensive and if desired you can install 2 or more for your needs. You can also play your music, games, and videos from this device.

Sound Card:

The sound card is a device used to help the mother’s voice to be heard on external speakers so she can get the best effect when yelling at her kids :).What parts are needed to build a computer With a sound card you will be able to get the best quality of sound from your games, music, and videos making your entertainment rock.

The sound cards range in price from $100.00 to $400.00 or higher depending on the quality of sound you want out of your external speakers. So if you’re a hard core gamer, this would be well worth it, if you don’t need that extra boost in sound, the motherboards sound output is great with the right speakers attached.

Graphics-Video Card:

The Graphic-Video Card is used by the motherboard to produce the best quality of video display from your Monitor.What parts are needed to build a computer For gaming experience I think these are a must to display the rich graphic display that the games come with and also for business programs that require graphical displays.

The Graphic-Video card also ranges in price from a mere $100 to $1000.00 of dollars. For regular display the motherboard does come with its own display output, and the quality is pretty darn good.

Cooling Fans:

The cooling fan is the air conditioner for the home used to keep all the children cool to prevent any heat stokes while doing there many tasks. It is essential to have cooling fans in the computer to keep the hardware cool, some of the  hardware will produces a lot of heat while running. If they get to hot they will cease to operate. Especially the CPU which produce the most heat in the system, which is why it has its own cooling fan. But with out proper cooling it could overheat from the heat produced by the other hardware.

What parts are needed to build a computerThe cooling fans also come in different sizes and designs; they are probably the cheapest hardware of the computer. I will be giving you an example of which ones I use and how many to get depending on the computer you are going to build,  andyou guess it, latter on another page. 🙂

Ethernet Card: (Internet)

This card is like the phone for the house providing the household connection to the outside world. The Ethernet cards all come pretty much standard in operation functions and don’t vary in size or shape or anything else, and are cheap. You will find that most motherboards these days all come with their own internet connection on board so you will not need to worry about purchasing one.

Now you know what parts are needed in a computer:

As you can see I just lightly touched on the description of the hardware for building your computer. And as I mentioned above I will go into more detail on the hardware in the next phase. Thus giving you a better feel for what you will be looking for when you go shopping.

Below I have provided a short (3.5 minute) video that sums up everything we have gone over for your entertainment, so take a few moments and watch it if you would like. After that if you are ready to go shopping for parts take a look at phase two, Guide to buying Hardware.

If you have any questions at all, or if you have a comment you would like to share, I would love to hear from you, just leave them in the comment section below.

Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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