Who is Kim

Hello, my name is Kim Shurtliff and I am the owner of this website and Well, what can I say, except that I love computers, I love working with them and even building them. And that is why EveryDay Home Computing came into existence. I could spend 24/7 on them but I’m not sure that would be too good for my health. LOL 

My story:

So where did I get my passion and knowledge for these works of marvel? Well, it all started in high school. Now, this is back in 1970 (the dark ages 🙂 ) where I took electronics courses for 2 years, and towards the end of those two years, the teacher introduced us to computers.

At that time there were no computers (Pc’s) for an individual to own, but I was still hooked. So, after graduating high school I enrolled any home courses that had anything to do with computers.

I learned a lot about the Central Processor Unit, storage units, memory, and so on. I even learned how to program a processor to display words on a home built electronics tub display unit.

So during my search for computer knowledge I came across the H8 (One of the first computers in kit form) and saved up my hard earned dollars to purchases it at a cost of (if I remember correctly) around $800.00.

That was a lot of money back then (even today it is) and it only could do basic things, no storage device, only 8 kilobytes of memory (on my) and as you can see the only display was a 

digital bar on the front. Now, this may seem like not much but it was a great start in learning more about computers because as time went the H9 (display unit with keyboard) came out followed by a floppy disk drive and so on.

The Goal of EveryDay Home Computing:

The rest is history, and now that I’m retired (only from a day to day job that is) I decided to start this website so I could share my enthusiasm for computers and help others with their EveryDay Home Computing needs. So if there is anything you come across that you need help with, just drop me a line and I will be happy to help you out. If I don’t know the answer I will do the researching for you and come up with the best answer for you in terms that you will be able to understand.

So with that, enjoy my website and if you want to keep updated with new articles feel free to signup for the free Newsletter here.

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