Why is My Computer Running Slow?

Does Your Computer Seem a Little Slow?

I know when I bought my computer it was fast, so why is my computer running slow now? I hear this question asked all the time, and you know what, you’re not alone. Why is my computer running slow Every computer owner will go through this phase, after a period of time all computers will begin to slow down. The only way to avoid that is to not use it, just kidding what would be the purpose of owning one if we didn’t use them. 🙂

So why does using them slow them down? Well, downloading software, surfing the web, loading pictures, and whatever else you do with your computer, will affect it in different ways, programs get fragmented on the hard drive along with all your data files, like music, photos, documents and so on. And some of that stuff gets duplicated and messes up your register, giving you errors and crashes.

OK, So how do I fix my computer from running slow?Why is my computer running slow Well after searching the internet I came across a great program that will help fix a lot of the problems that occur after time, it’s called System Mechanic 14.6 Professional®, and I am quite pleased with just how well it works. So I thought I would share with you some of the benefits you will get out of using this software.

What to expect when you Launch System Mechanic 14.6

When you launch the program the overview windows opens and in the center you will find an Analyze button giving you two choices, Quick Analysis or a Deep Analysis. The quick analysis takes just a couple of minutes to run, checking for the most current errors that will happen jin your computer, while the deep Analysis can take up to 10 minutes or more to run its cycle. This is going to look for the popular and not so popular items that can slow your system down, and then, provide you with some suggestions as to what will help speed up your Pc.

After it has run it will show you a list of problems and a blurb along side of them explaining how that particular problem affects the speed of your computer (how neat is that) This way you will know what and why it is a problem.

From there you will want to run the Crudd Remover:Why is my computer running slow This portion of the software will analyze all of your programs to find the ones that are redundant, or hardly ever used. It will then show you a list of such programs with option to remove or keep. This is a great feature to use because a lot of programs that you load on your machine will run portion of itself in the background, thus slowing down your Pc.

Next would be to run the Program Accelerator, this will help increase the speed of the reading and writing of data to your hard drive. This utility is like a defragmenter, but goes a step further and realigns all files on your hard drive. So if you have had your computer for awhile, running this will for sure give you an extra boost in speed.

Now if you like to see how your computer is performing System Mechanic has a Liveboost window that will show you the actions it is taking in speeding up your Pc as it is  tweaking your CPU and Ram. I really like this feature, being able to see just what is happening inside my Pc’s

Moving on to more features: 

Does your internet seem a little slow? Well you can run the NetBooster,Why is my computer running slow which will optimize your internet settings to increase your overall internet speed.

System Mechanic 14.6 Professional®, comes with a handful of programs that run in the background that will help the stability of your Windows operating system and improve the overall performance of your Pc’s on a daily basis, all without slowing your machine down, (this is of course what it is all about). 🙂

New Features: 

Here are a couple of  new feature this year, the Power-Sense will sense the activity of your Pc, and will adjust the settings to focus on the task at hand. Such as when you’re in gaming mode it will concentrate all resource to providing a smoother gaming experience. And if you ever happen to accidentally delete any files, there is a new feature called the Search and Recover, this is able to recover any deleted files, photos, emails and more from any drive or media device (Awesome).

What I think about System Mechanic 14 Pro:

So with the entire features the System Mechanic 14.6 Professional® has grouped together in one suite, and giving you unlimited number of Pc’s in your home to run it on, I think the $49.95 dollar price per year is a great deal, (in my book) especial considering it also comes with a top-notch Antivirus and Anti-spam protection that is guaranteed not to slow your system down like so many of them do. And if you want you could forgo your current Security Software service, saving you some money.

I have found this to be a great package for tuning up your system and keeping it optimized for the best performance, throughout the years ahead. So if you’re looking for a way to get your system operating like new again, you won’t go wrong giving this one a try.

Iolo technologies, LLC

If you should have any question at all, don’t hesitate to ask them below in the comment section, and if you found this helpful why not share it with your friends. If your looking for ways to maintain your computer (like cleaning it inside and out) for better performance, you can check out my post on Computer Maintenance.

For your entertainment I have provided a somewhat humorous video that explains why your computer runs slow and how System Mechanic helps it to run new again. So if you have six minutes to spear, sit back an watch.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a Wonderful Day. 🙂


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