Windows 10 Free Upgrade: Is Coming to an End!

It’s coming to an End: Well not really

Update: You can still get Windows 10 upgrade for free if you want.

Click here to find out how to get it for Free.

July 29th is approaching us quickly and will mark the end of Microsoft’s Windows 10 free upgrade. Windows 10 free upgradeSo if you are planning on upgrading your current operating system, now would be a good time.

After July 29th, if you still want Windows 10, you will have to come up with some cash, around 89 dollars from Amazon.

If you are still wondering whether or not to do the upgrade, you can visit my post on why I believe that you would like to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

(it might be a little biased since I’m a big fan of Windows 10 🙂 ) but hey, I have yet to come across any major negative points with it since I did my upgrade two years ago when it first became available.

Microsoft new approach:

Now for those that are still set on using Windows 7 (this one was a great operating system, Windows  8.1 is another story) be prepared for Microsoft’s new approach to getting you to update to the newest version.

Instead of the annoying get windows 10 notification icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen which is always hollering update me now, Microsoft has come up with a new approach (oh no, now what?) to that little icon that has hassled many people to update when they had no desire to do so.

You are now going to see a full-screen shot, done in blue (just like the blue screen of death, lol) with white lettering saying Sorry to interrupt, but this is important. Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends July 29. Now the good news is that for the first time since Microsoft has been pushing this upgrade, you will easily be able to decline the offer for good without any more notices to do so.

Is there a catch?

The only catch to this is you must pay attention to the lower left-hand corner of the screen, where there is some small writing, not the right lower hand corner where it has the large “Upgrade now”, and “Remind me later” buttons that are begging you to click. In the lower left corner, you are given two choices (how nice of them), the first one is “Notify me three more times”, and the other one is “Do not notify me again”, this is the one we have been looking for forever now.

As you can see, they still want to push the upgrade on you but now they are willing to leave you alone if you are set on not updating and staying with Windows 7, or 8.1.

Are you Wondering Why did Microsoft force Windows 10?

Well first of all, Microsoft has stated several times over the year that they have not forced any upgrades to Windows 10, there has always been a way to opt out of the upgrade, which I have found to be true, I have tried to opt out on several PC’s that were running either Windows 7, or 8.1 with success on all of them.

Now Microsoft may have made it a little hard to figure out just what to do to opt out of the upgrade but it is there. For those that didn’t pay attention to what they are clicking on and agreeing to, and then ended up with the upgrade, it would have seemed like they had been forced into the upgrade.

One important factor to keep in mind is that if you close out any of the pop-up windows by clicking on the red X Windows 10 free upgradein the upper right corner, no changes will take effect and you will still be scheduled for the upgrade.

So to cancel out of the upgrade, you must continue through with canceling any schedule until Windows gives you a pop-up screen where you can confirm that you wish to decline the free upgrade. Yes, it would seem that Microsoft wishes to make this a little difficult in hopes of getting you to do the upgrade.

Now if you’re still getting a notification from your GWX (Get Windows 10) app, here is what to look for when the dialog box appears.

There are about eight different pop-up windows that could appear on your screen depending on what you have click on in the past. I will start with the first one that Microsoft shows on their support page ( of how to decline the free offer to the Upgrade to Windows 10.

The Notifications from the Get Windows 10 app:

In this notification (see image below) you will notice that it has three options, the first one is “Upgrade now”, the next is “Choose a time”, and the last one is” Decline free offer”, the last is the one you want to click on. Once you have clicked on that button you will want to continue through the rest of the screens until you get a screenWindows 10 free upgrade

where Microsoft has confirmed that you want to decline the free offer, never close the windows out using the red X, your confirmation to decline the upgrade will not take effect.

Some people may receive a notification stating “Windows 10 is a Recommended Update for this PC” and is scheduled for the upgrade on the such and such date.

Windows 10 free upgrade

If you do, you will see two option under the scheduled date, ”Click here to change upgrade schedule” and “Cancel scheduled upgrade” as seen in the above photo. You will want to click on the latter and follow the instructions on confirming your cancellation, again do not close out the window by clicking on the red X.

Changing your scheduled upgrade:

If you have set up a schedule date and later decide you want to opt out of the free upgrade by canceling the upgrade before the July 22nd cutoff date, then all you have to do is open the Get Windows 10 app located in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. You will see a pop-up window showing you the date of your scheduled upgrade with two choices, one to Upgrade” now”, and one to Reschedule”, you will want to click on that one. See below image.

Windows 10 free upgrade

You will now get a new window showing you the days left for the upgrade and time, with the option to “Cancel scheduled upgrade” or “Confirm”. Do not click the confirm button, click on the “Cancel scheduled upgrade” to get to the next window where you can proceed to decline your free upgrade as seen below.

Windows 10 free upgrade

Finally, you will have a window like the one below, “Cancel? Free upgrade offer ends in XX days” where you have two options (again Microsoft wants you to upgrade 🙁  ) one is the “Cancel scheduled upgrade” and the other one “Don’t cancel”.

Windows 10 free upgrade

After clicking on the Cancel scheduled upgrade button you will get another screen where you will confirm that you wish to decline the free offer.

Now if for some reason you didn’t do any of the above methods and your Windows app is still set to start your upgrade, you will be receiving a reminder screen, stating that “Your upgrade will start in 15 minutes”. You can still cancel the upgrade and opt out of the free upgrade by clicking on the “Cancel scheduled upgrade” button as seen in the picture below.

Windows 10 free upgrade

You will then be directed to a new screen where you will have the option to confirm that you wish to decline the free offer to upgrade to Windows 10.

The Blue screen of Death:

As I have stated at the start of this post you may get a full-screen notification when you start up your computer from being powered down if you are running Windows 7 with service pack 1, or 8.1 as seen in the picture below.

Windows 10 free upgrade

Here you will want to locate the phrase “Do not notify me again” this is located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Click on that and you will be sent to a screen where you can confirm your desire to decline the free offer. Again remember not to close the screen by clicking on the red X.

Microsoft does not force any upgrades to Windows 10:

Well as you can see through all of these scenarios Microsoft does give you the chance to cancel the free upgrade to Windows 10, it may not be very clear but hey, they are just trying to get everyone to upgrade to Windows 10, this way all they have to do is concentrate on just one operating system instead of three (that’s my opinion) I mean what the heck Microsoft would like nothing better than to every computer on the planet running Windows 10, then they would be King. LOL.

I hope you have found this to be informative on the Windows 10 upgrade push, and if you have had any different  scenarios that have happened to you and would like to share with us or any questions, please leave them in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you, and thank you for stopping by.



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  1. Carlton Gonder

    Enjoyed the Awesome breakdown of evrything Windows 10!
    Begin menu is practically amazing. Activity Center elements are convenient. Settings application is at last a Control Panel substitution. All inclusive applications are higher quality. Will devs grasp Universal applications? A few Windows 8.1 elements might be missed. Windows 10 without overhaul somewhat expensive clearly a bigger number of positives than negatives to do it free obviously.

    Yours Truly,

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hi Carlton, if you are considering upgrading to Windows 10, now would be a good time to do it before the Free offer expires in the next couple of weeks. And if you don’t like it, as I have stated above you can always roll back to your previous version of Windows, though I think if you give it a week you will be set on keeping it.

      Best of luck and thank you for stopping by.


  2. Daggok

    Hello Kim

    I’m currently using Windows 7, and I don’t have any complains, the windows 10 icon is a nightmare; you are completely right about that! and now you are telling me is going to be even worst. I will try to pay attention for that upgrade notification to cancel it for all. I will check your review of the windows 10 to see if decide myself to upgrade to windows 10 before the July 29.


    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hi Ruben, I really think that you would like Windows 10, and if not you can always roll back to Windows 7 at any time.

      Now if your set on keeping with Windows 7 and the notifications are getting the best of you, follow those instructions above and you can eliminate those nasty pop up’s for good. Or you can just bear with it for a couple more weeks and then it will be all over with.

      Thanks for stooping by, and if you run into any problems let me know, I would love to help you out.


  3. Alec Terry

    I really appreciated this article because it reminded me that I too need to go ahead and update my Windows so that I have the free Windows 10 before the offer is over.

    I like how it will let you set your own time so that way you can update your according to your own schedule at a time that will be the most convenient for you.

    Great post! Keep up the great work and I’ll be expecting to hear more from you soon!

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Hello Alec, I’m glad to hear you are going to upgrade to Windows 10. I think you will really like it, and if you don’t keep in mind that you can always roll back to your previous Operating System.

      You can schedule it to upgrade while you are sleeping and not using your computer, it will take up to an hour or more in most cases, and should be already for you in the morning with just a couple of things to finish up the update that should only take a few minutes.

      Let me know if you run into any problems with your upgrade and I will be more than happy to help out.


  4. Hung

    Hello Kim,
    Great job on the detailed information about Windows 10! I feel like everyone should upgrade to it and ditch the “product” style of operating systems. My question is, do you know why so many people are against upgrading? Or against Windows 10 in general? Is it a a bandwagon for hating the OS or is there actually something wrong with it?

    1. Kim (Post author)

      Great question Hung, and this is my opinion from everything I have been reading. 

      I think a lot of people are so used to using Windows 7 that they don’t want to try anything new, Windows 7 is a great OS, easy to use and not loaded with a lot of bells and whistles that at times can get in the way. Also there was a lot of hype about privacy concerns in Windows 10, that Microsoft was exploiting your personal information. 

      This comes from the OS being connected to so many devices and the internet, that your information can be shared across your device’s. All this can be controlled and monitored by going to settings and change how your privacy is managed.

      I have been running Windows 10 since the first release date and have never come across any major issues or have read anything that would be concerning about the OS, So in my opinion I think it is a great OS and since this is the main OS that Microsoft spends most of their effort in maintaining and improving I don’t think anyone would go wrong by running Windows 10 on there devices.

      Hope you have found this to be helpful, and thank you for stopping and commenting!



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